Sunday, 29 January 2012

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This week:

Thursday 2nd February // 7:30pm
CB2 Cafe, Norfolk St
Marxism and Alienation
Speaker: Dan Swain ( Author, Alienation: an introduction to Marx's theory)
We live in a world in which our capacity to transform and control our lives has never been greater. And yet for most people the world is radically outside their control. Their lives are dictated but the demands of employers and politicians.

This is part of the phenomenon of alienation that the young German Karl Marx began to diagnose in the early 1840s, and remained preoccupied with throughout his life. As he analysed the system of capitalist production he identified the profound social, physical and mental ills that it creates.

Dan Swain will discuss the development of the concept of alienation  from the enlightenment onward, showing the continued relevance of it in a world shaped by climate change and economic crisis.

All Welcome!

A is for Alienation article by István Mészáros, May 2007

Alienation: A small book that makes big idea simple to grasp  A review of Dan Swain's Book

Marxism 2012

Ideas to change the world

5-9 July // Central London
Book here

Speakers include: Tariq Ali, Gary Younge, Ghada Karmi, Costas Lapavitsas, Owen Jones, Danny Dorling, Nina Power, Alex Callinicos, Alberto Toscano, Michael Rosen, Haifa Zangana, Mark Serwotka, Tony Benn, Kevin Courtney

Crisis and austerity have exposed the insanity of our global system. Billions have been given to the banks, while billions across the planet face hunger, poverty, climate catastrophes and war. We used to be told capitalism meant prosperity and democracy. Not any more. Now it means austerity for the 99% and rule by the markets.
But turmoil at the top has been met with resistance from below. Once mighty dictatorships have crumbled across the Middle East and revolts are shaking Europe. Britain has seen its biggest strike since 1926.
Millions are fighting back, questioning this crazy system and searching for alternatives. Marxism 2012 will bring thousands of people together, from across the world, to discuss, debate and organise resistance. Don’t miss it.