An introduction to SWSS

 The Cambridge Socialist Worker Student Society (SWSS) is a revolutionary socialist organisation with groups in Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University and Sixth Form Colleges. We are part of the national SWSS organisation which has groups in universities and colleges throughout the country.

We stand for revolution from below, for workers power, internationalism, mass direct action, against racism and fascism, against imperialism, for freedom for Palestine, in solidarity with the Arab revolutions,  for free education,  and against the attacks of the Tory government.

SWSS seeks to unite all those who agree with our politics in an organisation capable of providing initiative in every major campaign and struggle that allows students, workers and all those who are oppressed and exploited to fight back.

The economic crisis continues to deepen, and the ruling class are determined to make us pay. This means attacks on jobs, benefits and services. The last year saw university tuition fees tripled, scrapping EMA, and slash of budgets for education.  It also saw explosive resistance. In Cambridge SWSS has played an active role in Cambridge Defend Education, organising protests and occupations in opposition to the attacks on education, and supporting teachers and lectures when they’ve been on strike.

The mainstream media and politicisations continue to attack multiculturalism and to scapegoat immigrants and Muslims to try and deflect anger from the real causes of the economic crisis - the rich. This only benefits the fascist and racists in EDL and BNP.  We work with Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism to confront these bigots. We also want to bring people together to oppose sexism and homophobia.

2011 saw revolutions and resistance explode across the Middle East and North Africa. The struggle in Palestine continues, and we are working with the Palestine Society to stop Cambridge University having links with companies that are complicit in the oppression of Palestinians. 

We are against our rulers crimes at home and abroad. We want to derail the Tories’ austerity plans but we also want to go further – to fight for a world free from exploitation and oppression. This means connecting these fights to the wider struggle for socialism. The battle has already started and we need you to be part of it!