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The International Socialist Tradition

Important introductions to the International Socialist tradition can be found in 

Trotskyism after Trotsky (1999), Tony Cliff
Marxism at the Millenium (2000), Tony Cliff

State Capitalism

State Capitalism, (1999) Tony Cliff, Trotskyism After Trotsky, Chapter 2

Permanent Arms Economy

A Permanent Arms Economy,(1967) Michael Kidron: Western Capitalism Since The War, Chapter 3
Permanent Arms Economy, (1999) Tony Cliff, Trotskyism After Trotsky, Chapter 3

Deflected Permanent Revolution

Deflected Permanent Revolution, (1999) Tony Cliff, Trotskyism After Trotsky, Chapter 4

Racism and Fascism

Women's Liberation

Socialism and Women's Liberation, (2011) Sally Campbell, Socialist Review March 2011
Marxism and Feminism Today, (2010) Judith Orr, ISJ 127
Sexism and The System: A rebel's guide to Women's Liberation, (2007) Judith Orr *
Material Girls: Women, Men and Work, (2007) Lindsey German *
Theories of Patriarcy, (1981) Lindsey German, ISJ 12
The Social Basis of the Woman Question, (1909) Alexandra Kollontai

Party and Class

Party and Class (1969) Chris Harman
Trotsky on Substitutionism (1960) Tony Cliff

Marx and Engles 

The Communist Manifesto (1848) (Marx & Engels)


What is to be done? (1901) Lenin

Tony Cliff's biography of Lenin


The prophet and the proletariat (1994), Chris Harman