Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Expose the ruling class racism

by Rocio

On 3rd September, we were united against EDL marching though one of the most multicultural neighbourhoods in London and the fascist couldn’t even get near to their objective. Unfortunately, this victory is not going to end the rise of fascists and racists groups. All around Europe, organisations such as the EDL or BNP are re-emerging: France, Holland, Spanish State...
The massacre of Oslo last July was a direct assault to the left and was committed by a fascist with connected to the EDL; the attacks on multicultralism and islamophobia that are promoted by the mainstream press and politicians also bear some indirect responsibility.
Allowing fascist organizations an opportunity spread their racist ideas even from public platforms such as the BBC Newsnight programme, as well as the new legislations being developed, blatantly focused against the Muslim community –for example in countries such as France- gives racists and fascists confidence. Even though some of these organizations pretend to be defendants of democratic and respectful values, defending in ultranationalists’ interests, the reality is that they are the heirs of past regimes.

An example of how these intolerant ideas are being spread with the consent of social authorities is a new party born in Catalonia called PxC (Plataforma per Catalunya) , in the Spanish state. Last May, they won 67 councilors in different councils and they are planning to stand in the general elections too. Their program is focused in defending Catalan interests against immigrants and their discourse, even though it is supposed to be democratic, does not have anyrespect for multiculturalism, believing it is a threat.
We should connect the actual islamophobic discourse to what happened the 9/11 ten years ago and also what happened after that: Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, torture in Abu Ghraib, cuts in civil rights for "our own safety", and so on. The imperialist countries have created an atmosphere of danger and have spread it intentionally in order to promote distrust. The ruling class tries to make us feel that our neighbours are 'different' and even to control and report their “suspicious” attitudes. They talk about different cultures as a threat to the developed world and keep promoting western principles is if they are the way of life everyone should aspire to.
Institutions permitting racist and xenophobic discourses and promoting them indirectly is not a new thing, and is done with intent. It has been done before with homophobic ideas; it is in their interest to keeping people worried about supposed, superficial threats make it easier to control societies and working classes and also promote wars that will end in massive benefits for the ruling class–petrol, occupation of territories, investments in weapon industries.

Today, with a global recession hitting the most influential countries in the world, the control of societies and the working class have become a main issue for those that rule the economy and benefit from the capitalist system. It is time to uncover their real intentions and the real threat. Two main strategies need to be followed at this point; (1) it is necessary to stand united and strong against fascists and racists organizations and attitudes –as done last Saturday, where religious communities, unions, students, neighbors and loads of different people showed their strength together and also in Catalonia, where associations like UAF are getting stronger by the day – and (2) by fighting united against those that benefit from the division of the wealth of the society. If we don't confront the bigots, we are playing the ruling class' game and enriching them. We need to be united against fascism and united for our rights.

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