Monday, 20 February 2012

Marxism and Language

Cambridge SWSS meeting
Wednesday 22nd February // 7:30pm
Armitage Room, Queens' College

Marxism and Language
Speaker: Matt Kelly (NUT Activist)

Some people argue that we can “reclaim” oppressive words and change their meaning by using them in our own way. Others argue that words that would be sexist in many contexts take on a different meaning when used against, say, Tory ministers.

Some say words are “just word
s”, and have relatively little effect. Others take the opposite view, and see struggles over language as an important if not vital way of winning serious change in society.

Join us to discuss how the language we use is produced by the world we live in is marked by the political and economic inequalities that scar our society.

If you need directions to the room look out for someone at Queens' College porters lodge or ring/text 07821177250

All Welcome!

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