Thursday, 6 September 2012

Michaelmas 2012 Termcard

Now with speakers!

We're really pleased  to be able to put up the termcard of discussions that Cambridge SWSS will be hosting in the coming term. Meetings will be taking place every Monday at 7pm in the Erasmus Room, Queens' College. All welcome! Keep watching this space for the exciting speakers we will be having to introduce these discussions.

Monday 8th October
Why Marx Was Right
Alex Callincos (King's College London, author The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx)

Monday 15th October
Unravelling Capitalism: an introduction to Marxist economics 
Joseph Choonara (author Unravelling Capitalism: an introduction to Marxist Political Economy)
Monday 22nd October
Cuts, abortion rights and family values: are the Tories a threat to women? 
Jen Wilkinson (Socialist Activist)
Monday 29th October
By any Means Necessary: Malcolm X and the fight against Racism
Brian Richardson (Socialist Barrister)

Monday 5th November
The race for the White House
Megan Trudell (Socialist Activist)

Monday 12th November
What would a socialist society look like? 
Sai Englert (Socialist Activist)

Monday 19th November
Debt: a new dimension to class struggle?
Costas Todoulos (Greek Socialist)

Monday 26th November
Capital and Class in China Today
Jane Hardy (University of Herfordshire)

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