Thursday, 4 October 2012

Why Marx Was Right

Come along to the first SWSS meeting of term!

Monday 8th October // 7pm
Erasmus Room, Queens' College
Why Marx Was Right
with Alex Callincos (King's College London, author The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

Karl Marx is one of a handful of people who fundamentally changed the way we see the world. His ideas have always been controversial and misunderstood. Today’s world has been rocked by major capitalist crises, revolutions and revolts from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Alex Callinicos is Professor of European Studies at King’s College University and the author of Bonfire of Illusions: The Twin Crises of the Liberal World and The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx. He will be discussing Marx’s ideas and explaining why, ultimately, Marx was right.

Meeting will take place in the Erasmus Room of Queen's college, access via the Visitor's entrance on Queen's Lane. Through the courtyard, upstairs. There will be signs giving directions to the room. 

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  1. It is spelt Queens' College. PLEASE try to get that right.