Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Race for the White House

Cambridge SWSS  meeting

Monday 5th November// 7pm
Erasmus Room, Queens' College
The Race for the White House
with Megan Trudell (Socialist Activist)

Obama has disappointed many in over the last 4 years, failing to close Guantanmo Bay, and continuing with the war on terror. Yet many will voting for him on 6th November, as the prospect of Romney and the Republicans being in power is much worse. But is there any real difference between the choices on offer? Megan Trudell will introduce a discussion on what the outcome of this election will mean for the future of politics in the United States and internationally.

Erasmus Room @ Queens. Enter via Porters Lodge, over the bridge, across the courtyard and to the right up the stairs. Unfortunately the room is not wheelchair accessible. Ring 07821177250 if you need directions.

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