Wednesday, 7 November 2012

N14 and the return of the mass strike

Cambridge SWSS meeting

Monday 12th November // 7pm
Erasmus Room, Queens' College

N14 and the return of the mass strike

(with Sai Englert - Socialist Activist)

Facebook event -

IST statement on the N14 strikes

On 14 November more than ten million workers will be striking together in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus. This follows a wave of youth revolts and election victories for the left. Resistance to austerity
has entered a new phase with this day of revolt against the austerity policies of the Troika.

In Greece there have been more than 20 general strikes that have shaken governments and transformed politics, but austerity continues. How can we explain this paradox? What does N14 mean for the development of resistance in Europe? Can general strikes smash capitalism?

In Britain today, the call for a general strike is widespread in the labour movement, yet many union leaders retreat from action. How can we overcome this, and make sure we are on board for the next ‘N14’?

Come and join the discussion. All welcome!

Erasmus Room @ Queens. Enter via Porters Lodge, over the bridge, across the courtyard and to the right up the stairs. Unfortunately the room is not wheelchair accessible. Ring 07821177250 if you need directions.

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